Mouth Rinse & Tooth Whitening Set

Mouth Rinse & Tooth Whitening Set

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Save when you purchase our Tooth Whitening Powder and Mouth Rinse together in this set.

In this set you'll receive:

• one full size jar of our Whitening Tooth Powder (reg. price $16.95)
• one full size bottle of our Mouth Rinse (reg. price $9.95)

Our amazing natural mouthwash is a nourishing, healthy alternative to the chemical laden traditional mouth washes that contain artificial colors, flavors, and often alcohol. Our mouthwash kills bacteria, freshens breath, and can help treat gingivitis.*

Our Tooth Whitening Powder not only whitens teeth but also remineralizes, strengthens, and polishes your teeth and cleans bacteria from your mouth. 

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