Black Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub with Activated Charcoal and Lavender Mint

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub

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Our Black Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub is made with salts harvested from pacific waters using traditional methods of solar evaporation. This method allows the salt crystals to form with the trace minerals intact. 

The black salts obtain their natural and dramatic coloring from activated coconut shell charcoal. The activated charcoal is infused with the salt for its numerous health benefits: including antioxidant properties and assisting the body in removing harmful impurities. They are loaded with essential minerals to help maintain the body's normal functions. 

Sugar is a gentle exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells at the same time softening your skin and revealing healthier skin. Sugar contains glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy-acid (naturally) and these help maintain your skins natural oils to stay balanced.

We've added cold pressed, organic, raw virgin coconut oil to the scrub to deeply moisturize and soothe even the driest skin. The scrub is also infused with lavender and mint essential oils.

Treat your body today to this spa-like luxurious, detoxifying scrub.

Directions: wet the skin, scoop out the amount you would like to use, gently rub in a circular motion, and rinse.