We Embrace the Hug Test

Do you know what the hug test is? We use this as our metric for scenting our bath and body products.

We scent our products so that after they have been applied they are not so strong and overwhelming that they can be smelled by co-workers in the office next to you, strangers behind you on the train or people passing you on sidewalk. In order to be smelled by another person they would need to hug you. Hence, the hug test.

We prefer to scent our products with natural essential oils and not artificial fragrances. Many people, including myself, are sensitive to artificial fragrances and perfumes and can experience a strong physical reaction to them. Sometimes, I've had to leave the restaurant or meeting because I cannot stop sneezing or my nasal passages have swollen considerably.

When we first started making our products over eight years ago, we had a difficult time finding all natural unscented lotions, deodorants and soaps. Even Ivory soap, which is marketed as 99% pure soap has a strong perfume scent. Almost all of our products come in an unscented version, making them a wonderful gift for those who have sensitive skin or allergies. 

Most synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemicals and include phthalates. Based on a growing number of studies, phthalates, have shown to disrupt hormone activity. Growing concern over the health concerns of synthetic fragrances have led a growing number of companies to no longer use any synthetic fragrances that are made with phthalates. Some of the same synthetic fragrance chemicals that are allowed in US cosmetics have been banned by Canada, Europe and Japan.

Bath and body products are absorbed into your skin. Take care when shopping for unscented products. Some are labeled as unscented on the package front but the ingredients may show that they have added chemicals to mask any fragrances. 

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