Spring Facial Scrub Recipe

As we age, our cell turnover reduces, thereby making our skin appear more dull and less bright. There are many products available to help brighten and exfoliate our skin. Unfortunately, there are so many with dubious ingredients that it is difficult to navigate which ones are best for our skin. My experience has been less ingredients the better for my skin (less risk to allergic reaction).

My personal pet peeve is the artificial fragrance which is in most facial products. I prefer unscented products or those using only essential oils. I do not enjoy heavily perfumed scents, hence the reason why we carry a full line of unscented products and only use essential oils in our scented products. 

Here is a very gentle recipe I use 2-4 times a week (depending on the season) for a gentle cleansing and exfoliation for my dry, sensitive face. Feel free to try it and let us know by commenting what you think of this recipe.

Spring Facial Scrub Recipe:
1/3 cup dried organic rolled oats (do not use steel cut oats)
1T kaolin clay
1/4t organic sugar (omit if you have very sensitive skin)

Additional Supplements:
Lemon Juice (a small squirt for brightening)
Apricot Kernel Seeds (great for more intensive exfoliation)
Organic Full Fat Coconut Milk (combine with grains for mask or exfoliation)
Organic Lavender Flower Buds (gentle exfoliation with natural scent)
Poppy Seeds (great for slightly great exfoliation)
Bentonite Clay (detoxifying for oily skin but can be harsh on very sensitive skin)
French Green Clay (detoxifying for oily and combination skin)

Combine oats, clay, sugar and any other dry supplements you wish to add to coffee/spice grinder. Pulse for 5 seconds for several intervals. Allow dust to settle and then remove the lid. Empty dry grain mixture into a glass container with a lid for storage.

To use as a face scrub combine 1T of grain mixture with 1T of organic full fat coconut milk in a small bowl to form a paste then massage into skin in upward circular motions.Then rinse off with warm water.

Please let us know if you try our Spring Facial Scrub Recipe in the comments below.

spring facial scrub recipe


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