Deodorant vs Anti-Perspirant

I get asked a lot what is the difference between our deodorants and anti-perspirants. Often times, people think deodorants are the same thing as an anti-perspirant, but they are not. One of the primary differences is that our all natural deodorants do not use the same chemical compounds that are used in anti-perspirants to block sweat glands. We don't try to prevent the body from sweating but rather we address the bacteria on our underarms instead.

Why do we do that? Because, sweat has no odor. Sweating is one way our body detoxifies and regulates temperature. The unpleasant odor we smell when we sweat comes from the mixture of sweat and bacteria on our bodies and clothes. Bathing with soap and warm water and wearing clean clothes also helps to reduce the bacteria.

The apocrine blands can be found in your armpits and genital area. These glands usually end in hair follicles and become active during puberty. Sweat produced by the apocrine glands contains proteins and fatty acids. These are highly influenced by our genetics, diet and environment. The bacteria on our hair and skin metabolizes the protein and fatty acids from our sweat causing body odor. Our skin is our largest organ and detoxifies waste daily. We want our sweat glands to be open to allow for detoxification and to help regulate our body temperature. 

Deodorants contain ingredients that kill or reduce bacteria and neutralizes any odor created. We use as our active ingredients, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), organic virgin coconut oil and essential oils to combat the bacteria and smelly odors.

Breaking away from anti-perspirants you will find that over time that since you body doesn't have to "fight" working against the products which are blocking your sweat glands, your underarm sweat may reduce.

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